What Are Your Legal Rights When It Comes To Children?

Since the laws have changed in many states, parents around the world are asking what their legal
rights are when it comes to children. It depends on the state, but parents have a varying degree of

For example, if you have an unruly child and are continuously attending court hearings as a parent,
you have the right to terminate your rights to the child. If your child is unruly and constantly getting
you in trouble, then you are responsible for paying court fees, fines, and other charges for each
criminal act committed.

As the parent, you have the right to request a hearing in your local circuit court to demand
termination of your parental rights. Many states have a time frame for requesting termination. For
example, Michigan requires that the parent(s) write the courts within 21 days to request a
termination of parenting rights. Once you file a claim and send it to the Courts of Appeal, the courts
will review your request and setup a date for the appeal. You also have the right to contact the FIA
or Human Health Services-also known as Social Services–and the adoption resources to confirm
that you are requesting a termination of responsibility for the child in question.

Sometimes when parents have gone to all lengths to get help for their child and the child is not
cooperating, requesting termination of their rights is the best legal advice anyone can give them,
since the child is putting them at risk of going to jail for his or her behaviors.

If you are currently in this situation, you should check out your local parental rights laws. If you
have gone to extreme lengths to give your child opportunities, to discipline them, and to provide for
they, and they still persist in getting into legal trouble that involves you, you may want to consider
terminating your rights as a legal guardian.